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  Fuji CP6-5000 Vintage Dec. 2000  
  Description :  

The CP-65 handles a wide range of board sizes, including large boards . Handling consumer as well as industrial applications, this durable and highly efficient machine achieves a cycle time of 0.12 seconds/shot and can load a maximum of 140 part types. The rotary turret houses simple, six-nozzle placing heads, expanding the number of possible nozzle variations and facilitating maintenance. Fuji has incorporated several data-driven features into the CP-65 such as table modes and a global block skip function that enhance operating efficiency. The machine is equipped with two cameras, a high resolution narrow view camera for very small parts such as 0603(0201), 1005(0401), or SMIN, and a wide view camera for large parts such as SOIC and PLCC.

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  Fuji QP-351E-MM Vintage 2000  
  Fuji QP-351E-MM Vintage 2000  
  Description :  

The QP-351E delivers cost-effective performance features and large board handling (508 x 457 mm) within a small footprint. Offering more feeder locations, front and rear supply stations use removable feeder units interchangeably to supply parts via mechanical or power feeder; the rear station can also house a multi-tray unit to supply parts by tray. Like the QP-341E, the QP-351E's supply stations reduce your investment costs by using existing mechanical (IP-series, QP-242E) and power feeders (QP-132E, NP-series) on the respective feeder units. The single placing head picks and places with nozzles that are compatible with both backlighting and frontlighting, enabling high-speed nozzle changeovers and effectively reducing equipment costs. Front and rear linescan cameras are offered as standard equipment, handling parts from 1608(0603) to SOICs, BGAs, CSPs, and large connectors. An additional part inspection (CCD) camera can be attached at one or both sides to handle 1005(0402)s and 3216s. Parts of up to 150 mm in length can be handled with use of the adjustable frame vision processing.

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  Fuji NP-153E-XL Vinatage  
  Fuji NP-153E-XL Vinatage  
  Description :  

The NP-153E-XL expands your production capabilities to include the high-speed assembly of large and extra-large boards by supporting board sizes ranging from 150 (L) x 100 (W) to an astounding 705 x 587 mm (23 x 27 in.). Incredibly, these large-board capabilities are offered within compact a footprint. Furthermore, we have incorporated innovative on-the-fly vision processing and built-in carrier systems in the twin placing station design. This combination of technologies achieves high-speed, ultra-efficient placement. The double-track conveyor system achieves zero board loading time by transferring boards to the worktables in stages. This is accomplished by using programmable offsets to align the servo-driven in- and out-shuttles with the worktable and adjacent machines' conveyors. This flexible engineering ensures smooth integration of NP-153E-XL into any production line. In addition, this dual track design, combined with the twin placing stations, enhances non-stop production.

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  Zevatech FS-750  
  Description :  

3 heads with laser alignment, 14,400 components per hour small chip 8mm
Placement points per program 2,000
Applicable Component Sizes:
- Height: min: 0.3mm max: 6mm
- Size: min: 1.0 x 0.5mm max: 23.5mm sq
- Lead Pitch: 15 mil
Applicable PCB Size: 
- min: X 50mm x Y 30mm
- max: X 330mm x Y 250mm
- thickness min: 0.4mm max: 4mm

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  Zevatech FS730  
  Description :  

Three Head High Speed Chip Shooter Machine
Laser Vision Alignment System

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  MyData My12  
  Description :  

Year 1998
Voltage: 208/120 50/60Hz 2.2KVA
Serial: 13027
Hours: 11706
1units 8mm feeders(16inserts)
Stand alone unit with magnetic boar support
Software 2.01
Up and down vision with BGA capabilities and can handle 0201comp.
Placement tools.
Of line programming station
30 Day operational warranty

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  MyData My12  
  Description :  

Vintage: 2004
Hours running: 1,200
Line Scan Camera
Dual Vision System
Latest Software upgrade.
Agilis Upgrade
Hydra Head Chip Shooter 21,000cph
Left to right conveyor
Light tower
Feeders: All Agilis Feeders are the new fast Apollo linear Motor type.
2 x Agilis LM1216 Magazine include: 11 x 12mm Yellow Feeders
5 x 16mm Yellow Feeders
4 x Agilis LM8 Magazine include: 1 x 8mm Black Adjustable Feeders
3 x 8mm Red Feeders
21 x 8mm Yellow Feeders.
36 x 8mm White Feeders
2 x TMD Flex Magazine include: 4 x Dual 16mm Feeder Assemblies
2 x Single 16mm Feeders Assemblies
1 x Single 24mm Feeder Assemblies
1 x Tray Wagon with 2 slot tray
2 x Rear Linking Conveyor.
The MY12 is the ideal all-round placement machine. With its high accuracy and 144 feeders, the machine performs both high-speed mounting with the HYDRA Speedmount at 21,000 CPH and fine-pitch placement at 6,100 CPH with the Linescan Vision System (LVS). In addition, the machine can place any type of component ranging from QFP to chip scale BGA and CSP, making it the perfect choice for flexible short series production. MY12 runs on the Linux-based TPSys system software. It is a sophisticated real time control system with multi-user, multi-tasking, and multi-product production features. It also includes a user access system where databases and functions can be protected from non-authorized operators and an Event log for easy access to management and quality data from production.

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  MyData TP9-2  
  Description :  

Year 1993
Voltage:120 50/60Hz 2.2KVA
Hours: 6651
Stand alone unit with magnetic boar support
30 Day operational warranty

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Chip Mounter
  Juki KE-2030  
  Description :  

The KE-2030 is two head high speed chip shooter that can achieve speeds of up to 20,000 cph. With 8 total nozzles and unique capability of building two boards simultaneously, the KE-2030 has excellent is the fastest machine in the KE-2000 series.
2 multi nozzle laser heads(8 nozzles)
From: 0603 (0201)chip to 26.5 x 11mm chip or 20mm square chip
Simultaneous placement of components onto two boards.
Medium board size: 330 x 250mm
Large board size: 410 x 360mm
Extra large board size: 510 x 460mm
Applicable component height: 6mm, 12-20mm
Component size: 25mm, 0603 chip, from 1005 chip to 20mm square chip or 26.5 x 11mm chip.
From 1005 chip to 50mm square chip or 50 x 150mm chip.
Component placement speed: chip, IC: 20,000cph.
Component placement accuracy: Laser recognition +/- 0.08mm
Vision Recognition
Max. unique components: 120 per side using 8mm tape feeders
Feeders type available: tape- 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, and 56mm.
Stick/ bulk/ tray not available.
Power: 3 phase 200/220/240 or 380 VAC
Compressed Air: 71psi
Operating System: Windows NT
Programming Methods: On line: teach with placement head, teach camera, key board only.
Off Line: keyboard entry, CAD data conversion with optional software
Program Size: Maximum 3000 placements per circuit, not to exceed 10,000
Maximum 100 non-matrix or 400 matrix circuits per PCB.
Data entry resolution: X/Y axis 0.0004” (o.01mm)
Teta axis (rotation) 0.05
Entry in millimeters or inches
Self Calibration: Self calibration routine allows operator to recalibrate at anytime in just minutes
Up and Down line connection: SMEMA standard
Teach Camera: Allows teaching of pick and placement location with one of two CCD cameras mounted on the head assembly.
Auto Tool Changer: The two tool changer hold up to fourty-one (41) vacuum nozzle. Seventeen (17) vacuum nozzles are standard (8x502, 8x504, 1x508)
Placement Heads: Two (2) Multi- Nozzles Laser Align (MNLA) high speed assembley head (total of 8 nozzles) driven by a overhead X/Y gantry positioning
System with closed loop twin AC servo motors and magnetic linear encoders.
Component Pick and Placement Method: Pickup and placement is performated via vacuum nozzle with programmable pick and placement force.
Component Centering: Non Contact TouchLess Centering (TLC) using LaserAlign Sensor
Component Detection: Vacuum Sensor and Laser
X: Dual independent AC Servo Motors
Y: Dual Synchronized AC Servo Motors
Z: Eight (8) independent AC Servo Motors
Theta: Eight (8) independent AC Servo Motors
Linear Encoders: Sony Digirulers; four (4)
Placement Accuracy: Laser Align +/- 0.00031” (+/- 0.08mm) on chips.
Placement Angle: 360 degrees in .02 degrees increments
Placement Rate: 20,000cph on actual high speed test board.
Dimensions with LaserAlign: 0.02”x0.01” minimum to 0.78”x0.78” maximum or 1.04” x 0.43” (0.6mm x0.3mm minimum to 20mm x 20mm maximum or 26.5mm x 11mm)
Component Types: Chip Cs, Rs, Micro-Melfs, Mini-Mellfs, SOTs, SOICs, SOLICs, SOJs, PLCCs,CSPs,
Bare Die, QFPs, BGAs, Conectors, IC Sockets, TSOPs, SKT-Js, BQFPs, Micro BGA.
Lead Pitch: Minimum 0.025” (0.65mm)
Component Packaging: Tape, Bulk and Stick.
Bad Mark Sensor: Senses and skips marked circuits in multiple circuit PCBs.
Component Verification System: For Verification of : resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors.
Height Measurement Sensor (HMS): Automatically detects component pick-up height reducing programming time.
Tape Cutter: Cuts and collects of empty tape automatically .
Rear Side Monitor: Additional monitor and keyboard allows programming from the rear side increasing efficiency.
Feeder Position Indicator (FPI): LED array to signal position for faster setup and to indicate an error.

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  Samsung CP60L  
  Description :  

Placing up to 36,000 chip/ hour, designed with 6 heads and 12 nozzles is predominant in placing chips with precision and speed. It’s compact footprint and structural design technology minimizes vibration to ensure reliability.
Alignment unit: Line CCD
PCB size maximum: 500x400x50
PCB size minimum: 50x50x0.4
Placement Chip (sec/chip): 0.096
Rate (tact time) QFP (sec/QFP): 0.85 (by vision)
Feeder Capacity: 116 (8mm tape feeder)
Feeder Type: Tape Type 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44, 56 Tape Feeder/Intelligent
Feeder System /Bulk Feeder, Belt Stick
Feeder (stack, multi) Vibratory Stick
Feeder (multi), Tray Feeder (1 step, 20 step, 40 step, shuttle type)
Conveyor Direction: Left to Right.

Placement: +/- 0.08
Accuracy: +/- 0.065 (by vision)
Applicable: 1005 Chip ~ 9mm sq (32mm), (option: 0603 chip)
QFP: 32mm sq (0.6 pitch)
BGA: 30mm sq (1.0 pitch)
External Dimension: 1,700 x 1,870 x 1,470 (L x W x H, mm)
Power Supply: AC110, 220V (50/60Hz) 7.7KW.
Net Weight: 1,800Kg.
Head: 6 Head x 2
Application: 20 x 20 sq.
18,000~36,000 cph
0603,01005~, TR MELF, Tantalum, ALEC, SOP.

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  SIEMENS Siplace 80F-5HM with 12 Nozzles Head.  
  Description :  

Performace Specification
Placement accuracy: +/- 0.090mm @4 sigma
PCB size: L X W = 2" x 2" to 20" x 18"
Feeders slots for up to 120 8mm tapes
Feeders type: tape, stick, bulkcase, matrix tray
Component size: 0201 chips up to 55.0mm x 55.0mm
Single conveyor, front rail fix,
Transport: left to right
One X / Y gantry with a 12 nozzle revolver head and pick & place head
One feeder changeover tables
Two automatic waste tape cutters
One tree section conveyor with automatic width control
One station computer with touch screen monitor and keyboard
One vision procesor with one fudicial camera, two component cameras
Programabile ilumination
Adaptive pickup offset correction
Programmable component placement force
SMEMA conveyor height #116210-02
Power:208V 3 phase, 16 amps per phase, 5KW
Air: 85psi @15cfm
Vintage: 10/2002

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  Panasonic MMCG3  
  Description :  

Compact design - a compact medium-speed chip Mounter placement machine that fits within the area of high-speed placements machines. Ten inch color LCD touch panel screen, video capture, component recognition. Compatible with 8 and 12 mm taped components with the ability to place 1005 microchips. Up to 80 types of components can be loaded. The Panasonic GS series has alternating mounting capable with two heads to ensure high efficiency. A ten-nozzle two-head system allows simultaneous pickup of 10 components. While one head is placing components, the other head picks components.
The recognition of these 10 consecutive components ensures high productivity. Stable Mounting by 40,000cph
More information to come.
Vintage: 2000

  For more info. location,picture,available or price send request to:  


  Yamaha YV100-X  
  Description :  

Component-friendly soft touch mounting
- Mounts components with a piano touch while performing at high-speed. With the newly-designed 8 in-line heads which do not subject components to any shearing stress, it mounts components smoothly at high speed, with unsurpassed mounting reliability.
- High-speed mounting at 0.25 sec. per chip
- With 8 in-line heads and multi-view high-speed vision processing, achieves high-speed mounting of 0.25 second per chip under optimal set-up conditions.
- Handling of very small ceramic boards
- Can be adapted to handle very small ceramic boards of up to L15mmxW10mm on request.
- High-accuracy recognition within +-0.1mm/chip
- Ensures a mounting accuracy of +-0.1mm for chips. Handles very small 1005 chips, SOPs and PLCC84 pins. With the single-view camera and the precision-head the mounter is capable of mounting QFPs with a lead pitch of 0.5mm and a total pins of 208.
- High-speed vision processing. This recognition system transports eight picked components over the camera without stopping, performing batch recognition of all components at once using multi-view vision processing, significantly reducing component recognition time.
- Handling of long connectors as well. Recognizes all the leads on a connector at once and checks their pitch before mounting.
- Handles 100 kinds of tape max. Mounts up to 100 kinds of tape. Use of the YTF100A as well allows handling of up to 100 kinds of tray. Well-established Full Vision Series nozzle. - - The use of proven nozzles reflects Yamaha's accumulated experience. The use of only one nozzle to handle a wide variety of components minimizes the number of nozzle changes and so shortens the cycle time.
- Vintage:1999/2000
- Yamaha 100XE / Vintage 2004

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  Samsung CP20CV  
  Description :  

HIgh Speed, Dual Head, non contact, on-the-fly centering are some of the hallmarks of this machine, which is the heart of our SMT assembly line. Equipped with a hi-resolution vision system for precision Fine Pitch IC (QFP, BGA) placement and a 3 belt conveyer system to quickly move boards in and out, this machine can handle a wide variety of boards and components.
- 0.3 sec/comp 9,700cph
- Non conctact on the fly optical centerung system
- Accurately places devices up to 42mm square
- Up to 96 x 8 mm feeders
- 3 stage conveyor system
- Large PCB size 460 X 460 mm
- CAD interface as standard
- A variety of nozzles as standard to handle a wide variety of components.
- Intillgent feeders & bar code system
- Docking carts to enable fast changes
- 12/24 & 20/40 step automatic tray handlers
- Vintage:2002
- Hours:78.

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  Siemens HS50  
  Description :  

Maximum Speed: 50.000cph
Effective speed: 37,000cph
Parts size range: from 2001 to 18.7 X 18.7mm
PCB range: from 50 X 50 mm to 368 X 468mm
Number of feeders: up to 144
Number of rotating heads:4

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  Philips Topaz-X  
  Description :  

Topaz-X accepts 90 tape feeder positions, and accommodates tape, stick, bulk or tray feeders. Components ranging from 0201 up to 32 mm square QFPs can be handled with high accuracy. Larger components are aligned by area CCD camera(s).
- Fine pitch components can be fed via dual shuttles from a Large Component Sequencer (LCS), eliminating delays in the placement cycle, or from on board tray stackers.
- High precision single placement beam, carrying 8 heads
- Four FNC heads for nozzle exchange on-the-fly
- Multi-camera vision system with multi-angle illumination
- Fiducial camera with programmable illumination
- Servo-controlled board thickness adjustment
- Automatic adjustment of board conveyor width
- Real time missing component recovery
- Two 20-position feeder bars on the front
- One 50-position feeder bar on the rear
- A line array camera with a multi-angle illumination continuously recognizes components on all eight nozzles as they move across the camera.
- All bumps on BGAs and CSPs are measured on-the-fly.
- A ball pattern editor allows non-regular ball patterns to be handled.
- Programmable illumination on the fiducial camera gives you maximum flexibility to handle any board.
- Hours:12000
- Vintage:2000

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  Zevatech FS-710  
  Description :  

- Soft-Touch centering of all components up to 20mm Square.
- Max. PCB Size: 16.14" (410 mm) x 14.17" (360 mm).
- Min. PCB Size 1.18" (30 mm) x 1.97" (50 mm).
- Max PCB Thickness: (Min.) 0.016" (.4 mm) (Max.) 0.079 (2 mm)
- Placement Heads: Consisting of two (3) high speed assembly heads driven by an overhead X/Y gantry position closed-loop synchronous AC servo motors and magnetic linear encoders.
- Automatic Tool Changers: Can hold up to sixteen (18) vacuum nozzles. Ten (10) vacuum nozzles standard.
- CenteringMethod: Soft- Touch Centering Components up 0.78" (20 mm) Square.
- Placement Rate: 9,000 c/h maximum will vary depending on PCB size and component mix.
- Feeders Included See Full List Below.
- Basic Dimensions: Width = 65" (1650mm) x Depth = 51" (1300mm) x Height = 63" (1600mm)
- Power Requirements: 220/20, 220/240VAC Single Phase.
- Air Requirements: 5-10 bar (71-142 PSI), 150NL/min. (5.3 CFM).

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  Chip Mounter I- Pulse M2  
  Description :  

Chip Mounter make: I-Pulse model:M2
- Vintage:2004/2 Fixed Camera FC-05 FC-03
- Reject conveyor, feeder stocker,tape cutter, Waste tape box,back operation system, Auto width adjustment,Basic software,CAD software,Feeders:total 69 pcs.
- Feeder bank changer:2 sets,tray unit MX20D
- Board size L50 x W50mm to L460 x W410mm
- Board thickness 0.5 to 2.0mm
- Flow direction Left to right
- Conveyor speed Max 420mm/sec, speed variable, soft stop function
- Placement speed A 0.13 sec/CHIP (NB1), 0.38 sec/TSOP32 (NB2)
- Placement speed B 0.54 sec/QFP100 (when using the optional fixed camera FC05) (NB3)
- Placement accuracy A CHIP +/-0.05mm ( ì+3ó)
- Placement accuracy B QFP +/-0.03mm (when using the optional fixed camera FC03)
( ì+3ó)
- Placement angle +/-180°, resolution 0.015°
- Z-axis control 6-head independent servo motors, resolution 0.006mm
- Component height 15mm ( Preplaced components max. 10.5mm )
- Components applicable 0603 ( option ) - SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP, connector, and odd-form
Component carriers 8-56mm tape, stick, tray
Drawback check Vacuum check and vision check
Board locating method Board edge or tooling hole ( option ), front reference
Max. Chip Placement speed 0.13sec/chip
Max. TFP placement speed 0.38sec/TSOP
Max. QFPplacement speed 0.54sec/QFP100
Feeders Input: 120 lanes

1) Nozzles:002 6 pcs. 003 6 pcs. 004 6 pcs. 005 2 pcs. 006 2 pcs. 018 1 pcs. 019 1 pcs. 251 1 pcs.

2) Feeders:8 mm common 40 pcs. 12mm E 10 pcs. 16mm E 10 pcs. 24mm E 5 pcs. 32mm E 2 pcs. 44mm E 2 pcs.Feeder Bank Changer 2 Sets. MX-20D: 20 trays.

3) Offline software: the folowing are in the machine:

a) IP-14E Program edit & optimizer (basic software)

b) IP-11E Line balance & optimizer

c) IP-12E Tact simulator

d) IP-13E CAD convertor

4) Software Version: Version 3.314

5) 6 Vision heads with on-the-fly scan camera.

6) BGA/CSP Lighting on scan camera

7) Head camera for fudicial, bad mark, and teaching.

8) FC03 fixed camera for 0.3mm lead pitch 0.25 mm ball.

9) FC05 fixed camera for 0.5mm lead pitch 0.4 mm ball.

1) Reject Conveyor.
2) UPS (Unintrerupted Power Supply)
3) Feeders Stocker
4) Waste tape box
5) Tape Cutter
6) Rear Side Operation

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